Ripple Blanket pink/ grey- Galah


Pink/ Grey -Galah- Ripple Blanket

Soft pinks and greys feature in this beautiful, classic crocheted baby blanket.
The O.B. Designs Galah Ripple Blanket is made from all natural fibres and is super-soft.
It has been carefully hand-crocheted and measures 1 metre by 1 metre square.
This new Galah Ripple colours match so many different colour schemes.

The Galah Ripple blanket is handmade from a blend of all-natural, breathable materials

1 metre x 1 metre

  • 60% cotton,
  • 30% Azlon (Milk Fiber),
  • 10% cashmere

Hand crochet – a fabulous heirloom gift for young and old

This gorgeous blanket is the same quality as the Rainbow original

everyone’s favourite happy-baby rainbow

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